Tu peux gagner


Incluant $3000 en argent & $5000 de crédit voyage

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1. $3000

En argent par transfert Paypal, transfert Interac ou banquaire

2. $5000

En crédit voyage avec Pro destinations sans restrictions

3. $1500

En carte-cadeaux chez Hoaka Swimwear;

4. $500

 En carte-cadeaux pour des produits de blanchiments dentaire avec Pure Image

5. $250

En carte-cadeaux de chez Widesthetics

6. $500

En carte-cadeaux de chez Bamboo Underwear

7. $250

En carte-cadeaux de chez Kawela

To participate, you need to follow the Instagram profile of each person part of the loop giveaway as well as identify three friends in comment on the picture of each ambassador.
The accounts which needs to be followed are:


The winner will be announced on November 28 2019.
All participants who followed the 12 profiles and identified their three friends in comment will be considered for the giveaway.

The winner will be contacted on Instagram. To claim the prize, the winner will only need to answer our DM on Instagram.

The money prize will be sent using Paypal, Bank transfer or Interac transfer (choice of the winner) The gift cards will be codes which can be used on the website of the designated company and will be sent by email to the winner. To obtain their prize, the winner will need to answer the following mathematical question: (5 x 10) - 10 = ?