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Vente D'entrepôt

we are having THE BIGGEST SALE EVER at our Canadian warehouse. 🌈We will also have ALL Hoakas on sale, even those which are not launched yet 😉

Où et Quand?

The warehouse sale will be on 29 & 30 June starting from 10am to 4pm.


735 boul Industriel, Suite 106
Blainville, Quebec, 
J7C 3V3, Canada

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Comment cela fonctionne?

There will be two lines outside our warehouse

1. One line if you want to try your Hoaka before you buy

2. Another line if you know your size and do not need to try it on (this line goes faster)

[**Note that everything is final sale, no exchange or refund. We will accept cash only**]

Once it is your turn, we will ask you questions to determine your size and we will ask you which models you want to try on. 

To make this process faster, you should look up on our website the models and write down the following information for those that you want to try:

- Name of the model

- Type of bottom

- Size for the top and size for the bottom according to our sizing chart

All Hoakas will be on sale even some exclusive models which are not launched yet. 

The Hoaka Team will be available to help you at the changing room and bring you different sizes.

Quels seront les prix?

**Note that we will only accept cash  during the warehouse sale.

CA$ 43.49 + tax

complete set + 1 FREE extra bottom (in the same color)

See the list

CA$ 52.19 + tax

for a complete set of popular hoaka colors

See the list

CA$ 60.88 + tax

for a complete set in our newest colors + models which are not launched yet

See the list

Can I exchange or return a Hoaka I already own during the sale?

It will not be possible to exchange or return a swimsuit during the sale.


735 boul Industriel, Suite 106
Blainville, Quebec, 
J7C 3V3, Canada

29- 30 June 2019

10am to 4pm

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